Wednesday, August 27, 2008

England so far...

So I can't believe I'm actually in another country...Its so crazy and new and so many things are different..
Ive never had a blog before so I'll probably ramble on about this and that and not actually ever hit a proper point in any of my posts but Im sure whoever reads them will hopefully bear (speaking of beer PUBS are so popular in England) with me...coz I'll update this often coz I hate doing those mass emails...with a passion..
I'll start with my plane trip...
Did i hear someone say 30 hours on a plane is actually enough to drive someone mad?! Stop over in Brisbane, Singapore, Dubai then Birmingham...Dubai airport totally freaked me out (43 degrees when we landed?!) crowded and people lined up everyhwere waiting for their planes..Me just a little white girl without a turban or a beard wandering through the airport hoping to find my plane haha I did luckily even though I got weird looks as I had shed a few tears at this stage haha But im still tough as
Judy Lloyd, a lady from YFC picked me and this girl called Erin from the USA up and took us to a pub for lunch..which i was so surprised by..but apparently its so if i come back and ask you to come to the pub with me dont expect me to have turned into an alcoholic..haha
Ive slept so much since Ive been here...waking up a lot in the night though real homesick which sucks...Have managed to chow through over $200 of phone credit so far...Thanks mum and embarrasing..
The town of Halesowen where Im staying (in this hostel that has dodgy shower curtains) has the coolest town center..classic english with cobbled paths and union jack flags strung up all over the place..too funny...and a church clock that chimes at midnight (yes I woke up to it) haha I mite need to talk to the council about that and get it fixed haha not a good tourist many amazing thrift stores too...
and some observations i have found:

policemen ride around on bicycles..this made me laugh so much coz its so not intimidating!! But apparently they're so fast!! I might test their speed out one day..maybe hassle them a bit and then see if I can outrun them! haha

There's a petshop in the city that has real live massive iguanas in the window..I was so shocked...I bought one for a nah i didnt but i wish!!!

And i found krispy kreme new vice..and the reason i will come back 30kgs heavier haha (sorry bob)

So this is my first post...and ive got to go coz these two little english boys want to use the computer..I could fight them anyday but I dont want to haha
miss home a glad I didnt write this blog this morning coz it would have been a depressing one and one MASSIVE MOAN!!

I start training tomorrow...with like 60 others.. (most of them boys..ahhhhh scary)!!


chrissybizzle said...

yay for blogging! cant wait for photos! boys are the devil.. just remember that. love and miss you.
woah man krispy kremes arethe best! i love the caramel one!

Suzette said...

Saw this link on your Facebook can do it Jess...of course you will be homesick, for a bit. But it will pass. Have a ball and come back and tell me all about it!

What an amazing experience for you~ say hi to the Queen for me...:o)

Anonymous said...

RESIST THE KRISPY KREME GOODNESS! Just to let you know, in the past 5 weeks I put on 3 kgs, so I have had my shock, and I am trying to lose ten now, so join me and keep away from that vice. Although, if you are going to eat bad food, you picked the best!

Sounds like a great time, and you are quite a witty writer, which helps! Keep it up, I will be checking back frequently! I am adding you to my blog roll!

Rachael Klinkenberg said...

i laughed so hard at your policeman story! do it jess! pull a runner! i find the police modes of transport so funny! nice in france was the funniest, they just seemed to have every single mode of transport possible! i took a pic of a group of them on their bikes, and later saw that one of them obviously spotted me, even though I thought I was being so discreet! Because he was grinning and waving at me!
oops. keep up the