Tuesday, December 9, 2008

things are good.

So things right now are looking pretty swell..sorry for the use of that word but it seriously was the first word that came into my mind to describe my current feeling and how everything is nicely fitting into place in this town that I call Gillingham (actually everyone else calls it that too)...About half an hour we finished our last youth alpha session with all the kids deciding on their own that they wanted to pray..this was amazing coz theyve been really uncomfortable about it and its just so cool to see them growing and finding things out for themselves without us having forced it upon them..All I hope is that they continue to think about the things that we've said and that God has put in their hearts and make up their own minds about what they believe..Its actually such priviledge to be able to be in their lives and to be walking alongsie them in their journey..this makes me so happy..and feel so lucky..

This is one of the reasons that life is swell..Another reason is the team I work with...

Honestly The GYFC team are just so amazing..I really truly feel like we are a family..we bicker, laugh at each other, laugh with each other, are mean to each other, annoy each other, tell each other lame jokes, share our thoughts and ideas with each other and watch hilarious videos on youtube when we're meant to be working..and its just so cool that I'm so far from home but I still feel like I fit in and am welcomed somewhere where it could have been the complete opposite..Such a blessing..And my boss is so not even like my boss..When I had my handbag stolen him and his wife invited me around for dinner and to watch x-factor coz they knew I would be upset..It truly is like a family..amazing!

This is another reason why life is swell...Another reason is because two songs that I love have just been on the music channel..a not so meaningful reason but a reason all the same..
Take that - greatest day of our lives
Leona Lewis - run
check them out..as the english say 'CHOOOOOOON!' when they hear a song they like..haha its like an adaptation of the word TUNE...and shows they really like a song..I have been trying hard not to pick this up..and its worked so far haha
Another reason is that its nearly Christmas..! And this is a time of the year that I get so excited like a 5 year old..I LOVE everything about Christmas..the carols..the busy shops..the decorations..buying and giving gifts..i just love it..and this Christmas, even though im not at home, Im going to stay with Dan in Cambridge...Its going to be amazing..one of the plans discussed is going to watch the Cambridge choir perform..not because we want to see the choir..but because you have to cue outside all night to get tickets and it will be so fun!! haha oh the joy...And we've got heaps of drop in Christmas parties coming up which makes things so fun..and also we have our work Christmas doo..love it cant wait!! this next few weeks will be busy busy with Christmas things!!

I'm loving where Im at right now with life and work and things..
and Im so thankful that Gods brought me to this place!!


joshuaduckett said...

wow sounds like your having an amazing time over ther!
we are really gonna miss yo on our SUMMER road trips hahahaha

miss you!

Rachael Klinkenberg said...

Whats the latest on the X-Factor :) Haha