Tuesday, January 20, 2009

summer..what is that?!

So it feels a bit unusual..because every year at home I look forward to summer..and then parachute (a music festival where you tent and hangout and get sunburnt most of the time but its flipping amazing)..and always before parachute I go around to Chrissy's house and highlight every thing we are going to see..and go over EVERY possible detail we will ever need to know for our 3 day stay in a tent..and then me and Esther usually start an orderly list of what we will cook (as we usually end up cooking for a load of boys who just so happen to be around at dinner time every night) and then decide exactly the best place to pitch our tent..and this year this is all happening without me..
But my mum is coming tomorrow which makes me so excited
and its not TOO cold today
and i love the kids that i work with
and im going to london for a long weekend this weekend
and apparently im ghetting better at football
and God is amazing

more later

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