Monday, February 9, 2009


So Ive decided that I'm more of a sporadic blogger than a constant blogger...I blog heaps..then dont blog for ages..then blog heaps..then dont blog for ages..then blog..then not..and so on and so on..Its almost an addiction..But at the moment Ive got a wee (a word ive picked up while ive been here?) bit of time so I may aswell make the most of it..At the moment Im sitting in one of the drop ins by myself and its pouring down with rain outside (mm classic english weather) so Ive decided to be a classic english person, get some chips from the chippie (yes yet another unhealthy option on my part but oh so necessary and convenient) and decided to sit here listening to the music channel until the girls arrive for girls now you know my situation i can continue to blog..

This weekend has been a bit of a toughie for me..and it has continued to today..I dont know why..But I been feeling homesickness intensely..and it almost feels as if it would be easier if I was home in my comfort zone doing what I always used to do..But instead I'm in a foreign country which is totally not my comfort zone..and believe me most of the time it is amazing..but not when I feel like this..everything is just so much harder..and I feel God challenging me..and I just feel as though I cant take a challenge at the moment..but even though im not feeling it at the moment I am a hundred percent CERTAIN that this is where God wants me and all the things I am going through now..all the things I am feeling are just part of life..and will help me to grow..and that he is with me through it..he never gives us anything that he knows we cant deal with..and I know tomorrow or the next day I will wake up and everything will feel okay again..I know that..and while I wait for everything to feel right again I will try and restrain from eating copious amounts of chocolate to comfort myself at this moment..haha Its not the kids, or the team I work with, its just doing it in a place and in a kind of work where I am out of my comfort zone.. But then I guess it gives me more of an opportunity to press into God and just trust.


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Hugh said...

Hi Luv.
God once said to me,

"When you come to the end of yourself, thats when you come right back to ME".

We love you lots and lots.

Kia kaha!