Thursday, February 5, 2009


I love that each day I wake up knowing that I will stuff up...Knowing that in that day that lies ahead of me I will fall short somehow...but also knowing that with Gods grace this doesn't matter...That he will come in and make up the rest that I fall short of..
This is such a weird concept to the world. Because with everything if you stuff up you suffer the consequences. Its what we like to call justice. But in the past month or so the concept of grace and the AMAZINGNESS of grace has really stood out to me in what people have said and what Ive read.
I just cant get over that NO MATTER what we do, no matter how much I stuff up, no matter how may times I do something wrong or bad or something that im ashamed of...God still comes in with his grace and doesnt punish but forgives..No matter how ashamed I am, no matter if its the 674th time I have done the same thing..he gives us yet another chance, knowing full well that we will disappoint him..But his grace, the thing that we will never earn or deserve, comes in and helps me to continue..and what have I done to deserve this? nothing at all and i never will be able to..there is no way humanly possible of earning something as amazing as this..But he extends it to us for free each and every day..oh my word its mindblowing.

'in spite of the crazy times we're in, there's a lot to be thankful for. second chances. third chances. 734th chances. sunsets. sunrises. And the passing of time begins to make a lot more sense to me in the context of grace instead of karma. Under a rule where love triumphs over justice.'
-Jon Foreman

man im still figuring these things out but this hit me at staff conference, never really having fully understood grace, and its truly amazing and so freeing.

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chrissybizzle said...

i love that jon foreman quote.
and you.