Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So I have just realised three that its a ridiculously late time of night..two that I really shouldnt have tried to fake tan..and three that I havent updated my blog (like properly updated it with things that I have done) for over a month..I was looking over the 2nd to last blog about all the things I hoped to blog about soon and all those things seem like forever ago..and as the smell of fake tan wafts up from my neck of all places (where I think i may have scarily put a coat more than anywhere else I sprayed) I shall try remember the events that have happened without making this post too epic and help with this I will use subtitles (which I have been taught that in essays help to keep peoples attention..lets hope this is what happens here..yes?)
Just quickly for the record its been really sunny here the past few days..Ive been able to rid of a few layers..I have hope that spring is on the way..

Man this happened ages ago..It must have been the end of february I think..I ventured my own way up on the train to YFC head office in Birmingham to a Proclamation Evanglism 2 day training thing (of which I didnt really understand what proclamation evangalism was..) and wondered whether a 4 hour train journey one day there and a 4 hour return journey back to Gillingham was really worth it..especcially with my lack of ability to make myself stress less about missing trains and walking to other stations..yadayadayada..ANYWAY..let me just tell you it was amazing!! A guy who works for YFC but who is originally from Australia took it..and apart from the occasional jibe at NZ and the only new zealander in the was really good..! It basically just went over the need to go out into the community and what mission was and how we could better do it and things like that.. and was an opportunity to catch up with the other volunteers which is the closest thing Ive had to a social occasion in ages..Let me just say over here my social life really isn't at its peak..haha Gillingham is not really known for people my own age lol

I have decided I LOVE GREENWICH..! It is such a beautiful place, so full of culture and prettiness..I was so happy that my friend Ellie suggested that her parents took us on a day trip there because I'd never been..and all I knew was that I had learnt in maths that that was the place where time was invented (Greenwich mean time)..So with this knowledge under my belt off I went..and what I found was far more interesting than anything I had ever heard in maths..First of all I think it was the first day that I had actually felt the sun since we had been in Rome..Second of all we started off in Greenwich park...Its such a nice park with squirrels running everywhere and people rollerblading..and just so fresh and open spaced (which there's not alot of in England)..We strolled through the park and up to the top of the hill there which gives the most amazing outlook over the River Thames and all of London..So pretty!! And this is where a funny man in an olden day costume grabbed our attention and began to tell us all about Greenwich mean time and the Meridian line..which was a bit of a laugh..and then THE MARKETS..oh the joys of the markets..this is where the culture begins..wee little shops, bustling vintage markets, antique kind of stores, vintage shops, shops selling amazing different bits and bobs..cultural markets selling amazing food from different countries..we spent ages strolling round the markets and shops..I definitely want to do it again!! It was such a good day...such a treat and so relaxing. Just what I needed.

This was so amazing..Basically the church that I am with over here do an event every year where they serve the community and put on a massive free event for anyone and everyone. This year they hired out a community leisure centre with gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, kids rooms and crafts and all sorts and anyone could just come in for free and just use all these things..It was so many people turned up and we were able to serve them and get to know heaps of different people...give out cake and tea...let the kids go wild on the bouncy castles..and heaps of the kids from drop in came with their families! It was so cool just to be part of something bigger..and to meet all the people that we must walk past everyday and not even notice..was amazing and gave heaps of people the chance to serve.

This is basically what it says..a retreat in the middle of our year No really though...All the volunteers who are doing a year out with YFC get 4 days off to go to Kidderminster to a holiday centre thing for a retreat..Its so cool coz you just get to chill and hangout and reflect on the first half of the year and look forward to the next half whilst getting to see all the other volunteers..This is all I thought it was..But God totally had other ideas for me..haha While we were there we had seminars and prayer meetings and creative bits and pieces we could get involved in which was cool..and a whole day focused on what we were going to be doing after we finished our gap year..and God really challenged me to think about a few different options for that..and really pray into them..I hate thinking about the future coz I totally dont know what God has in store for me..But I know that Im staying the full year with that ends in the end of July..and then I'll be coming home on the 14th of August (I know the date seems to be getting further and further away..but I think this is the last change lol)
It was so amazing actually because literally I so wanted to stay on but I couldnt afford the extra money at all..and the head guy, Dave Newton, came over to me on the last morning of the retreat and said that YFC would sort out the finance for the last 4 months of my stay!! It was such a blessing and I'm so happy about it..I get to stay with the kids till the end of July! yus but I know by then I think I will be ready to come home..England is good for a wee while..but New Zealand just blows me away..I love my homeland..

That brings me up to date until halfway through march..hmm I might just leave it there..

except to say..that I'm going to see Jason Mraz Live in London on the 4th of April..and following that I have over a weeks holiday so im gunna find some exciting things to do in it...not quite sure yet..maybe a trip to france? or a tiki tour around england? we'll see where it takes me..
love x

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chrissybizzle said...

i love this huge update. i miss you so much that im nearly crying but i love what your doing and what you get to be part of there and how God is using you. can't wait til you are sitting on my bed and we are talking about the important(and not so important) things of life again.
please let me know when i can ring.
for serious.