Sunday, March 29, 2009

i may as well live there.

Yes I have been to London yet again..Oh the joys of living so close to such an immense city and having a direct train line there..It was rather an impromptu and spontaneous visit to the great city on Sunday. My friend Dan who is usually in Edinburgh is down in the South for a few days..and seeing as I havent managed to take the MASSIVE coach journey up to Edinburgh just yet, London was a far closer option for there we met with a plan to go to Hillsong church in London and then go and see the rather prestigious annual rowing race with Cambridge University vs. Oxford University..and all for the cost of a train ticket..perfect for a volunteers wage!

Hillsong church was actually so big that I nearly got lost trying to find my way to the toilet..and so many people overwhelming..but good at the same time...It's like a church that have thousands who go every week, 4 services every Sunday to accomodate the people who want to go, hire out a theatre for the venue, and spend hours every Sunday setting up the lights and getting ready for the day. Truly a mission. It was such an experience though coz I had heard so much about it from different people..and it was cool to be able to come and see for myself what a MEGA church like this was like..very big, very pretty people on stage, and free tea..not bad at all..I dont think i could have it as my home a weekly one..But was good to see what goes on haha It was an interesting experience and one that definitely has given me some things to think about..So funny though coz all 4 of the people that came up to talk were weird being in London and having this totally different accent up the just cringing in the front hoping that my accent isnt quite like that lol
And then navigating our way to the tube station that would get us to the rowing race...

Apparently this rowing race is actually quite a big deal and started in 1844 (i didnt even know they had rowing boats back then?!) lol and so was a perfect thing for a tourist like me to attend..We saw the beginning..the boats setting off and all the rowers straining hard out trying to win..apparently its a VERY big deal if either team wins..and then we went to the pub to watch the finish of the race on tv..And Oxford won..which apparently (according to the Oxford fan standing next to me) always happens..and that it hasnt been a proper competition for a few years lol oh dear. It was an event for the prestigious though..all the posh Londoners, Oxford people and Cambridge people all in one place in their tweed jackets and crisp shirts and ties..And then theres me and Dan in our jeans ..was classic..We even tried to get into one of the rowing was so obvious we hadnt been invited..but was classic. Even more classic when a boat went past everyone standing beside the Thames..and the waves washed up over the pavement sending everyone fleeing from the tide..was a bit funny...Then we just wandered around London..was such a nice day!! And on the same train home as me was 2 guys dressed as mustard bottles..hahaha nozzles on their heads and everything..was so funny coz they casually hopped out at Bromley south station and waddled across the just imagining them meeting a massive hot dog outside lol only in London huh.

It was such a busy weekend though coz the day before I had trained from Gillingham to Birmingham and then back again all on the Saturday!! 8 hours travelling on a train..with no book..and no mp3 player..awful..But I took one of our part time volunteers up to head office for a day where people who want to do what I'm doing this year can find out about stuff and get interviewed..Was quite funny talking to the parents of the kids and answering all their questions about what im doing and where I am..and then answering peoples questions about always the NZ questions.
That was my weekend..

And next week I am off for Easter..a whole week and a half stretched before me free..Im not sure what Im going to do yet..I feel as if I need to go away because I need to see the country..not sure where I wanna go though!! ah well. This coming Saturday I am in London again to see JASON MRAZ perform at the Hammersmith Apollo with some friends from church..I am so looking forward to it. love him. That is all my plans for now. I will update as my adventure progresses.


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