Saturday, April 4, 2009

stretched before me.

Tonight I am going to London Town (yes the 3rd time in 2 weeks) to go and see Jason Mraz live at the Hammersmith apollo...and I'm so excited...It should be amazing..In approximately 2 hours I will be walking down to the train station to meet Simon, Sarah and Rosie and off we will an evening of to my ears...I CAN'T WAIT..! Hopefully it will be everything that I ever dreamed. Although I'm not entirely confident about the I don't know many of the people I am going with..Hopefully the common ground of our love for Jason Mraz will spur along the friendship..and if not we will just sing the songs loudly together and everything will be looking forward to it.

Also stretched before me is an entire 10 days holiday..which is EXACTLY what I need..some time to sleep, think and do whatever the heck I want. What I want to do however I don't know yet. I have so many options that I just dont know what to do with myself..and I dont want to plan loads and then be worn out by the end. So I have simply planned a few things with a few lovely people and will be relaxed and satisfied with that. Until Tuesday I am free to do as I wish..walk the high street of Gillingham, perhaps start a much needed exercise regime, maybe do some baking, or walk the streets looking for kids to hangout with (this is only if I miss not working haha).

TUESDAY will be the day that I'm thinking of going to visit my friend Kirsty in Reading. Kirsty has just finished up her 8 months of YFC work in Swindon so I wanna hangout with her coz she wont be at any other YFC things. She has probably my favourite English accent and is very creative. I am looking forward to seeing her.

TUESDAY NIGHT I will make my way on the train to Swindon..where I will meet the lovely Bee..and we will go on day trips to places near Swindon (as the only attraction in Swindon is a 5 part roundabout) such as Bath and the seaside which will be amazing!! Everyone is telling me how beautiful Bath is..and I cant wait to see it. Then Saturday we will hit up London (AGAIN) and will go to Camden Markets..This will be brilliant!! Apparently its just markets with loads of different knik nak stalls and budding clothing designers and vintage things..I am going to be in my element..

This is my easter break sorted. And I'm looking forward to all of it...! Right, now Im going to figure out what to wear tonight (which may take a while) haha


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chrissybizzle said...

haha i love it!
i'm so glad you get this break jess, it'll be amazing for you. and camden markets! that rules! so jealous.
love you alot xox