Sunday, April 12, 2009

this took awhile in the making.

Flippin heck. Here is the happenings in my life over easter which are pretty much now out of date.

But Jason Mraz was amazing. just as I imagined the show to be. PERFECT.

Over my easter break I went to Swindon to visit my friend Bee. We went to Bath, a town where the Roman influence in England was, which means they still have Roman Baths (hence the We went to the fashion museum and the Roman Baths..both of which had these amazingly hilarious walkie talkie tour guide things (credit crunch staff cuts?) that you were meant to hang round your neck and listen to what it was saying about each thing..However interesting the information was, it was just too funny looking around the tourist attractions and seeing all these people walking round with these walkie talkies strung round their necks and listening really hard...And the bonus was we got in half price to all the attractions..and got a half price lunch..which was so God..coz I really didnt have much money to take me through the trip and I was thinking this is going to get me nowhere..
Bee just so happened to be looking on the internet..and found half price tickets to these Bath attractions..which was so amazing..coz otherwise I would never have been able to see what I saw..which really made me realise that God cares about the little my trip to Bath..Bath is beautiful.
While I was in Swindon with Bee we also went to the park and played rounders with some of her friends..was so child like but so amazing..and im going to try and bring this sport to new Theres me just trying to swing and hit the ball with the bat..and failing miserably..HILARIOUS..

And in the mix of these things was also a lot of just relaxing. re generating. and appreciating the time away. And going to Bee's nieces birthday party in London. was so cute..all these little kids running around stealing presents off the present pile, eating way too much food, playing party games. It was amazing. I think parties should still be like that. haha

The week after I got home from Swindon I was back to work..well I say work but this week was literally the least work-like week Ive ever had..even since Wunderland, where i just sat at the desk on facebook and occasionally served someone who came into the shop.
The kids we work with were all on school holidays, so apart from not being able to go into town without bumping into one of these little ones, we had some outings they could sign up for to keep them from boredom. I think I was more excited about this than anyone else. We got to go to the london zoo!! I pretty much leapt for joy. This trip consisted of us keeping the kids occupied on the train by playing a game that they love, much to the dismay of some of the passengers. It is called the 'to save the world' game and is very childish yet highly amusing.
It goes a little like this
kid: 'To save the world would you rather eat a smelly sock or a toenail?'
Then as the trip goes on it usually needs taming down. I have to say i think the kids enjoyed it more than the other passengers. All in good fun.

Apart from the fact it was raining and most of the animals were in hiding in their houses, and we missed the penguin feeding because we failed to read the signs, it was amazing! Apparently the biggest zoo in i hear. And any zoo trip wouldnt be complete with the 'original' quips of pointing at monkeys and saying 'hey look theres you' classic kids. just classic.

And on the trip back on the train me and one of the kids, Daisy (who is a real sweetheart), sat next to this overly talkative man who had just been interviewed to be on deal or no deal. So we played cards with him in hopes that when he did go on deal or no deal and won big he would remember how nice we were and maybe split the money or donate it to a good cause. haha.
Work but definitely not work at the same time.

We also did a sleepover for some of the kids. which involved very little sleep. and us making them pancakes in the morning. classic.

And that was how my life over easter went.

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