Wednesday, April 29, 2009

these things happen.

I just have this amazing feeling of joy inside of me.
I prayed and found my MP3 player which has been missing for over a month. Just because I couldnt sleep and wanted to listen to Brooke Fraser. and there it was..And I know he didnt answer it because it was the biggest deal or need in the world..but because it was important to me..and he cares about every little or big thing that we do.
My 5 day weekend has sorted out after me praying about it. I'm heading off to Nuneaton on an incredibly cheap train ticket to surprise a friend for her birthday.
I tell you prayer works. even in small cases.
Ive been praying about getting closer to these two girls that have just started coming into drop in and chatting to them..because they are difficult to talk to and dont make it easy for me..but i know i wanna get to know them a bit more.
But tonight we talked and laughed. and it was so natural. it was amazing.
I tell you prayer works.
There are so many kids that I work with that are close to my heart and I can feel amazing things are going to happen in the next few months.
Im so excited. I really am.

And I can't believe I havent even blogged about easter and going away.
I will soon I promise s you're all in the know.

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