Monday, June 8, 2009

perfect day.

Today has been perfect. Just what I have needed after a hugely massive few weeks and a small stint of being ill..a Monday to do what I please with. And what did I please? London most definitely.

I mooched about South Kensington. Had a coffee and read a book. Did a bit of shopping in the extensive and large shops of Oxford Circus. Met my friend Mike and went to Covent Garden. Had another coffee and nearly got attacked by pigeons. Mooched about a bit more. Danced around a CD store to Black Eyed Peas. We then met my friend Jordan and a lovely girl called Sarah at an amazingly cute tea place on Bond street called Tea Orient. Devised a plan for the evening. Went to an amazing asian place called Wagamamas for dinner and tried my best to eat with chopsticks and talked deep about God and forgiveness. amazing. Then went to a part of the city filled with culture and drank mint tea over more hilarious conversation. Truly a day dreams are made of. So sad to have to say goodbye to it at Victoria station in the late hours of the night.

But tomorrow is work. and youth alpha. and getting to see the kids I work with. Which are all good things. Youth Alpha has been going amazingly. A guy last week that Ive been praying for heaps and that I know God has really put on my heart totally surprised us and said that God had spoken to him. Flipping heck. And we doubt God because..? totally blew me away.

The last few days have been full of pretty places. Possibly the most peaceful place Ive ever been. Saturday was a youth event at Ealesford priory which is a place that is still used for monks to live in. Just old buildings and amazingly beautiful gardens and monks sauntering about in their brown robes. perfect.

Next weekend may be a visit to Brighton. Have always wanted to go and Sarah invited me to go with her. exciting. we'll see.

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chrissybizzle said...

this sounds amazing! especially the tea place and dancing to black eyed peas.
of course i will decorate yr room with you! i'd love nothing more. and we can eat rice crackers and drink d.c! yeeee. i actually can't wait. i cried when you left and i'll probably cry with happiness when you return hahaha. love you x