Sunday, June 21, 2009

I like countryside.

Today is Sunday..Fathers day in England to be exact..and I'm so hoping its not Fathers day in New Zealand too because I haven't given my dad any special recognition at all..and if it is I shall just blame the time difference for the confusion haha or maybe use the excuse that I don't want to celebrate it while I'm in another country so I'm waiting till I get home to give him a huge fathers day surprise? or tell the truth haha we'll see what happens.

Today has been so lovely though..Helped with a group of young people at my church called 'Pathfinders' (loving the cheesy Christian name)..By helping I don't mean having to do anything that actually involves me putting effort in..The definition of helping in this context involves me sitting on a comfortable chair and generally chatting to the well behaved polite Christian kids and occasionally having to contribute to useful conversation that is happening with the other leaders..haha it's quite nice.

Then I left early (just another definition of how hard I work on this haha) and went for lunch with my host family and marthas stepmum, dad and sister in this quaint little town. The drive there was beautiful. Through little lanes and roads with trees making an archway over them, old houses with fields..oh was such a change from the scenery of Gillingham. And the place we went for lunch (apart from the fact we had to wait like an hour for our food) was so cute..It's a place called Cafe Rouge and its a dinky french restaurant with amazing food and music that makes you feel like youre in paris somewhere..LOVELY..Although its always awkward trying to order things off the menu that are blatantly french..It usually starts with me making a really poor attempt (usually in a low voice so noone can hear what an ass I sound like) at pronouncing the french word then ends with me just stabbing my finger at the menu so the waiter can see what I am ordering..awkward. But such a nice place.
Followed by a trip to Martha's dads house which is the converted stables of an old manor house..which is literally the manor house is on the same property and is literally like an old english manor but so beautiful. Strawberries and cream (very english) and then the drive back home through the amazing countryside. PERFECT.
Such a lovely day and I am SO blessed to have a host family that just include me in their outings and make me feel so at home. yes thankyou.

Another thing I want to do before I come home that I need to add to my list is take a day trip to France. My host family have said we need to book a date in July for us all to go to the French coast..Oh my word I am so blessed. SO FLIPPIN' BLESSED.
Oh and exciting news. My host mum, Martha is pregnant..YAY. so cool. But on Tuesday theyre going away on holiday to cornwall, on the seaside, for like 1o I will have to fend for myself. we'll see how that goes. Miss Independant.

This weekend has been lovely.

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chrissybizzle said...

woah! i have so many blogs of yours to catch up on! i'm so proud of your blogging efforts! haha
have you thought of a solution for packing yet? today i was at work thinking about what i'd do if i won the lotto (lol) and literally the fourth thing i thought of was fly all of jess' stuff back to nz, funny aye!? your last few months sound so super exciting, i've been trying to think of other nz things with not much luck haha.
love and miss you x