Thursday, June 18, 2009

soon i will say goodbye.

So I'm starting to freak out a little bit..I know its 9 weeks until I leave..
BUT there was me in my room earlier stuffing everything into my suitcase..trying to get a rough idea of how much over weight my bag will be on the 16th of August at Gatwick airport..and how I will explain to the lady at the desk that i cant take anymore luggage out..because I dont want to..I hope she understands..
Ive already given a load of clothes away to some of the young girls I work with to try and lighten the load..But its still like 10kg over..oh dear..and that's without my underwear and things in the bag (which are quite important I would say) and if I don't buy one more thing until I leave..
oh dear.
I need to find a cheap removal company that will sail my stuff across the sea without much charge. I am praying for this.

Also I'm getting so excited. Before I leave I want to sort out a few projects with the kids. We've got a wall out the back of drop in that was graffitied on ages ago..and I want the kids to do some kind of amazing artwork over it so it makes it look nice..Although the flip side is that the paint will just get all over just coming back to new zealand stained neon green from an unfortunate graffiti accident lol And we're gunna put photos and artwork on the walls of drop in so it doesnt look so dull...It may sound sad that I'm getting excited. But this place needs to be nice for these kids.

Also and this is the icing on the virtual cake..I'm gunna do a New Zealand drop in one night before i leave. This will be everything New Zealand. I am bringing NZ to Gillingham for one night only.
Im thinking the national anthem playing..maybe skip the feature of 'once were warriors'..but have NZ food and drink..and carving new zealand things out of kiwifruits..and loads of other things. Any ideas from you New Zealand kids for this?! I want to make it cool. yes?

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