Thursday, June 18, 2009

yes another post.

So Ive just been reading over a few of the blogs that I wrote when I first arrived here...
Lets just put a few things straight for those of you who have been following this from day one..In an earlier post I claim that because I have a gym membership I will look like a supermodel when I get back..Let me just put a disclaimer with that : will only work if I actually went to the gym..So for all of you who were waiting for some kind of Kate Moss look alike to arrive at the airport in my place I'm afraid this won't happen.
Also I did earlier state that I will get better at football as I am in a country that's main sport is football...disclaimer: that would be only if I had a natural talent for it. which I dont. So don't go joining me up to play for the NZ team just yet.
I also stated that I have my tea with milk and one sugar. I no longer take sugar. Now this is important information if when I get home you want to invite me around for a drink.
Also no matter how long I've been here for I can't get over the fact that all the shops are ENORMOUS..seriously no matter what you want to buy (unless you go to Gillingham High street which has a 97p store, a 99p store and a few other equally rundown shops) you have to walk through a myriad of things you dont want to buy to get it..The clothes shops literally are enough to get lost go into buy one come out with something completely different because its such a confusing experience..but would be an amazing experience if I actually got paid. haha not bitter at all.

Which leads me to my next point. I have been promoted. Not an ordinary promotion where you get lifted up into a position that truly has advantages. But a GYFC promotion where I no longer am a volunteer but am now considered to be a STAFF member. Yeah get me. STAFF.
What does this mean for me you ask? It means I still don't get paid, I still do exactly the same thing, EXCEPT (heres the big one) I have to come into work an hour earlier on a Friday morning for STAFF meeting..hahahah But I do like to think I'm held in higher esteem in my colleagues (lol) minds...haha

Also another big change..The other volunteer that was based in Gillingham has had to finish his year we are a team member down..which is why we've been so crazy busy the last few weeks..but thats okay..the new staff member will surely be able to take things on lol

Anything else I want to leave you with? Oh yeah I'm trying to figure out how to bring all my luggage home. Not only did my mum send over a whole bunch of stuff that didnt fit in my suitcase when I first came over. But I have also somehow accumulated loads of stuff in the 10 months Ive been here. And Ive looked into shipping it home and its gunna cost at least £130 ..which could basically buy me everything I would send home and more when I got home..So for the past few nights Ive been trying to cull my wardrobe and many other bits that I want to come home..and trying to decide what the best way to do this is..sell on ebay? give away? or just strap it to someones back and get them to swim it over? Sheesh. who knew?!
Oh and I got to tell the boy who nicked that phone in drop in last year about Jesus last night and no matter what he does he'll still be loved. AMAZING. So God. Thankyou. He just stood outside all night with the cutest puppy that he is planning on training to be a weapon. So I just cuddled it and told it not to let him turn it mean hahaha hopefully it will remember that.

And on the 27th of June. I am going to see James Morrison perform live in Canterbury. I am so excited. I am so blessed to have been able to do things like this while Ive been over here.
If only I could have gone to Glastonbury. ah well. We can only do so much :)

The next few weeks will be so exciting.

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