Sunday, June 28, 2009

these few days.

The past week my attitude has been awful. Complaining all the time, being distant from the kids, just not really caring. And I hated it. I dont want my last 4 weeks at work to be like that. 4 weeks is such a long time and I can totally make a difference in that time, get to know the kids even better and just love them even more. I realised on Friday it was because I think subconciously I know that I'm leaving soon and I know how hard it will be so I think itll just be easier to detach now. But I so dont want that. Because I want to leave the kids with an even better relationship than a few weeks ago. I love them all and I wanna put all my effort into being there for them, getting to know them more and just serving God with all I can. After some much needed Jesus time I realised that right now I need to live for the here and now, not think about coming home, but seeing each day as a new opportunity and making the most of it. And not relying on my own strength but totally relying on God. I'm still learning and growing.
These next weeks are going to be amazing I know it.

Yesterday I had such a wonderful day. I took an amazing young girl I work with for lunch. Mcdonalds it just had to be. Then mooched around the chops in Chatham for a bit.
And then for James Morrison with Kirstie, Ruby and Cheryl. We took the train to canterbury and after a few delays we cued up outside the cricket grounds where it was being held. It was such a nice day. Rainy at times but that was just an excuse for hilarious green ponchos. And the support acts were amazing!! A band called Vagabond played (who I'd walked past earlier on the way to the portaloo and decided they must be in a band coz they looked way too cool) and just made me want to dance. And a girl from australia who had the largest amount of style ive ever seen. Look 'em up on myspace or something. AMAZING. James Morrison played loads of songs and was epic. PERFECT. and the sun even made an appearance. haha

This week holds just the normal for me. But I'm going to try and make the most of each day.

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