Tuesday, June 16, 2009

oh my word.

I have such mixed feelings at the moment. In 9 weeks I'll be coming home. AMAZING for the fact that I get to see everyone i know and love. TRAGIC for the fact that I am leaving a years worth of friends, relationships with the young people, and most possibly luggage (if i dont manage to eliminate enough to fit into 20kg of suitcase) across the other side of the world. It's just plain weird (or maybe God?!) that I have come to love Gillingham, known for its 'chavs,' pregnant teenagers, less than perfect football team, chewing gum covered footpaths and large use of the words 'innit bruv'...But I have..and I have fallen in love with the kids..and built relationships with them that I'm going to have to try and carry on from New Zealand..and met such an awesome team..a second family almost..So many blessings. So very mixed feelings at the moment..and just trusting that God knows what he's doing and if Im meant to be back in Gillingham or England then when the time is right I will come back. Please soon.

Seriously, I love the kids I work with. They are truly amazing. The things theyve had to grow up with, put up with and figure out are way too much for any kid to handle...and sure they get in trouble with the police, tell me their birthday is in a few days so I will make them a cake and then find out its not, get angry, get annoying, lash out, smoke..But all they want is people to love them and take them for who they are..and they have taught me such a HUGE lesson in love this year..But we've seen so much change..A girl that I absolutely adore has totally softened up since shes started coming in to drop ins..Kids at the youth alpha session tonight asked us and other kids to tell their stories, tell them what God has done in our lives..and they just sat in awe and listened...God is working..and I so expect more before I go home..I cant wait to come back in a few years and see them grown up a bit..will be amazing. Oh my word the things Ive learnt. I dont know what I'm gunna do with myself when i get home.

So many things are all lined up though for before I go..YFC end of year retreat at the beginning of July..I finish work on the 26th July..Hopefully sometime in July I will have a weekend in London with some new friends..and try to get on a diet to get down to my pre-england size haha too many chips.
And before then I'm hoping to take some of the girls to a show in london..get a project going so they can spraypaint the back wall of drop in to make it look amazing..this may need censoring otherwise there may be cussing and swearing spread across the concrete...loads of end of year stuff..saying goodbye to the kids..I will cry...
Then my friend Bee and I will fly out to Corfu in Greece for a weeks holiday..ahh sun and beaches and hopefully tanning..
Then to do a camp with some of the kids..which will be interesting as some of the young people who are coming may make some trouble..and theyve been put in my dorm to look after lol
Then fly out of England on the 16th. to arrive home on the 19th.
Oh my word its going to take some time to adjust and process the crazy year.

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