Saturday, June 20, 2009


Tonight is a Saturday night and I have nothing planned at all.. and Ive realised that blogging is a good constructive way to fill time..I havent done a lot today either which has been SO nice coz my last few weekends have been extreme busy..but doing nothing doesnt come naturally to me..I always feel as if i should be doing SOMETHING no matter what that something is. This is how i came to blog.
MY achievement of the day however is I have been to the GYM..yes I know..the GYM..It is a rather foreign place for me to be..but today I decided it was necessary and seeing as I didnt have anything better to do it was perfect..maybe if more often I didnt have anything to do I would find myself a wee bit skinnier having gone to the gym a bit more..i guess we will never know.
It's just so weird though because my gym is a unisex there's all these guys 'pumping iron' and being all hard while little old me is red faced and sweaty trying my hardest to lift like 5kg..oh my word.

Yesterday was a rather interesting day. Claire (our support person from head office) came down to do my end of year interview..END OF YEAR?! I'm freaking out about having to finish my year here..everything will be okay though I know God has a plan for me and whether its in New Zealand or somewhere else he'll reveal it to me. hopefully soon. I'm just gunna chill for quite awhile when I get home..take up a few hobbies..get back into photography, maybe start alot..and just relax.


  • Go and visit the stonehenge in Salisbury. until I got here I always thought the stonehenge was in Ireland..who knew it was actually in England?!
  • Camden Markets. all things markety, cultural and vintage in Camden. I cannot wait to go and spend the day parousing through all the market stalls and then continue onto other markets and vintage shops throughout the day...
  • Having another day out in London with friends being shown the exciting and little secret places that are cool.
  • Go to somewhere sunny in europe. Me and Bee are hopefully booking our holiday to Greece next week sometime so I'm hoping the tickets are still there. I want some Mediteranian culture and sun.
  • Go on the London eye at night. I would love to look out over London with all the lights and the thames and tower bridge..oh i must do it.
  • Go to see a Westend show in London. I must do this. Everyone keeps telling me I need to but I havent gotten around to it. I will sort it out.
  • Host a New Zealand themed night at drop in. Im thinking pavlovas, the national anthem, kiwifruit carving, flags strung up everywhere and me just in stubbies and a rugby top. Perfect. Any other ideas?
  • Take some of the girls from drop in to a west end show in london. They all so want to go but they just dont really have the money or will maybe never get to see one otherwise. I hope it works out.

So many things to do, so little time. I'm praying that it will all come together and I can do all these things. yes please.

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