Monday, November 10, 2008

my how time flys..

This month has just been pretty much like normal...and every time i think of writing a blog..I put it off coz I just cant even begin to remember what Ive been doing the last few weeks without some serious brain stretch..and in my old age that is getting pretty much But this has left me with the dilemma that even as Im writing this blog I just dont even know what is going to be in it..this should be interesting..

Everyone here assumes that we dont have guy fawkes in New Zealand..its a bit mad really and truly hilarious when you see the shocked looks on their faces when I say we celebrate it every year...Oh my word maybe God called me over here just to educate the English on the ways of New Zealand..Ive already smashed the conclusion that Maori still live in huts, that we eat kiwis, and now that we dont celebrate guy they have much to learn..
Last Saturday though I went to the most amazing fire works display I have ever seen...except it wasnt like a public one it was one in someones backyard..Martha and Luke took me along to The Whittakers (a lovely family from church) and told me to expect an amazing fireworks display..i thought how amazing could a home fireworks display be...silly silly me...I swear it was like 20 minutes long of non stop massive fireworks..some that were so bright you had to close your eyes (a bit pointless i must admit but impressive nevertheless lol)...after that sparklers seemed a little over rated haha But there were like heaps of people from church there and HEAPS of little kids..haha i walked into the living room when i arrived and it was over run with kids under the age of 14..too funny coz the boys were just being boys..and yelling 'bundle' to which they jump on top of someone and then everyone else piles on top..haha they nearly got me too until tom was like 'nah shes a bit too new to do that too' lol it was a classic good night..

What else have i experienced since my last blog??
Oh well we had an 18+ group that i went to..well i didnt actually go to it coz it was at my house but i was there..It was for St Marks church (which is the church that theyve decided to base me in) and it was really good coz i got to drink a bit of wine, watch some more (lame) fireworks and meet heaps of new people..this seems to be a regular occurence lol

And Phil and Me went to the ladies group that prays for us..! it was too cute coz all these older ladies just asking us these questions..and then we made was amazing!! And then there are those classic ones that once you start a conversation with them you never hear the end of're still there an hour later trying to figure out how to make a polite exit haha oh the task of being a youth worker lol

this blog was written ages ago but i saved it coz i thought i had more to add..i don't haha
But I will start a fresh post in a tick.

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