Thursday, November 20, 2008

what else to do when sleep wont come?!

Answer: write a blog.
So at the moment sleep just wont come to me..I have tried I swear..But it just seems to be avoiding may be the copious number of cups of tea I managed to fit into one day, which I need to learn does not go well just before bed..I have developed a very strong liking for this hot drink that, if you had of asked me 4 months ago whether I would have enjoyed it, I would have sharply replied 'no. Why would I?'..I have come so far from my first experience with tea at Starbucks many months ago where my dear friend Georgie convinced me I would like it and proceeded to buy me a cup that i swear was at least a litre of the hot stuff..I managed to finish it, never mind the complaining that could be heard each mouthful I took...oh if he could see me now..He would be so proud..!! I've decided I'm going to start a tea-revival when I get back to new zealand..start a whole new era of tea drinkers..and that will be the great contribution to society that will have come out of my gap year doing volunteer youthwork in England..haha

Oh dear me... I do hope, and know, that what will come out of this 8 months will be far greater than that..I dont know how or what is going to happen..or what God will do or not do..But I know that this will be the start of many amazing things..I have since had a realisation that is this time in England is not about what I can get out of it, about what God can give me, about what I can do or achieve, about how I will get 'fed' or about how much I can grow..But it is simply about how much I can give and it may be that just that I have been put here simply to serve and learn from serving, that this is my number one and I really need to devote my all to it...whether I gain something from this time, which I am sure God will show me, will just be an added bonus..whether I will see nothing visible happen or whether I will see miracles I know that God will and is using me for exactly what he wants..I am where he wants me to be..and I need to put my effort and heart into it because these are kids and things that God has a heart for..
It is all good saying that it is what I can give, but in everything there is a little selfish human desire to get something out of it aswell..and I know God is showing me new things and new ways of thinking that I will take home with me..
It's so weird because I've been here nearly 3 months...and so much has happened..But Im so looking forward to the next 5 months..because so much can happen..and I know God can do so much in that time...
so as much as I will bring the revival of tea with me back home I know I will bring so many experiences and stuff aswell...

Seeing as London is just a stones throw away I'm able to catch a train and go there for the day..which is actually so this place that Ive only ever thought about visiting, one of the most well known cities in the world, and I can just pop up there on my weekends off..Which is exactly what I did last weekend..My dear friend Kirsty and I frolicked (it makes it sound like we pranced) around London with nothing planned and little to was so amazing because we just walked around, caught up, looked around shops and did whatever we wanted to without getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of London..Just a word of warning to tourists: If someone in London smacks into you or swiftly pushes past you in the street and doesnt turn around and say sorry, dont worry, its just the way the big city goes..dont feel you have to chase them down the street or hold it against them...Its funny because even though ive been there a few times im still not used to it..everytime i bump into someone i turn around and say 'oops sorry'..Maybe if I stay here long enough and become a real Londoner I will learn to be a little more callous, rugby tackling them in the street haha see how they like But I have to admit i still am one of those tourists that stops in the middle of the hustle and bustle to check where I'm going, proceeding to hold up the and inconvenience the large amount of people walking behind me haha sorry.
On this day I also met a homeless lady at the underground station who smiled at me and which i can honestly say was THE MOST beautiful thing I have ever experienced...truly I will never forget her face..It was one of those things that you just feel so priviledged to have been in that moment...

The other day in the office it was too funny (yes Dave, TOO funny)...I was being quizzed on phrases that are used on the television program 'Neighbours' and asked whether we use them in New Zealand..Although I point out that this show is AUSTRALIAN I still feel there is some sort of link in everyones brain between these two countries..This is slightly how the conversation went..
'what about 'see you this arvo' you use that?'
'no thats just crass shortening afternoon to arvo'
'what about 'throw some shrimps on the barbie!'
'what about calling people drongoes?'
'What is a drongo?!'
'oh they use it on neighbours sometimes' lol
This conversation provided a distraction from work that was meant to be done and also provided me,and dave and ben, with a large amount of laughter..and now the word drongo has become a part of our conversation..usually accompanied by a really bad australian the joys of being foreign..I have been wondering recently how Im going to manage when I go back to new zealand and no longer have an going to actually have to think of amusing and witty ways to grab peoples attention instead of relying on my nationality haha

Oh last night I went to a church up the road and did a bible study with a group of 'wrinklies' in a group of 7 elderly..It was so lovely..They faff about so soon as i arrived and sat down i was asked to move by one of the old ladies (Edna) because that chair was closest to the piano and it only makes sense for her to hav that chair because she plays the piano for the hymns...she then proceeded to complain that her chair was too high...and managed to walk the room testing out different chairs before deciding on one that was the right height haha But they were all so lovely..and as they talked and shared it was so amazing to think that they had once been young and experienced different things..and how much things must have changed since they were young..i have to admit i had to chuckle when they used 'the youth of today.....' as a sentence starter...too classic haha it really was such a diferent but cool experience..

According to the weather forecast it's going to snow on Sunday...I hope thats true...everyone said it will be sleet..but im sure it will be good snow haha
This weekend doesnt hold much in store for me..a bit of Christmas on Sunday..and whatever else pops up..

miss all of you at home x

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Rachael Klinkenberg said...

Can I just agree, Londoners SUCK at walking along the street without bashing into someone!