Sunday, July 12, 2009

oh camden my love.

Today I fell in love. Not with a person because Ive pretty much been by myself all day..but with a town and markets..Camden markets..oh my word they were amazing..Its like they decided to cater to EVERYTHING that I love and put it all in one place..and I dont even think I got around all 5 markets..
There's so much culture, vintage shops, tumble down stalls brimming with treasures, young fashion designer stalls, bustle, ethnic food, amazing tea shops, everyone with their own individual style..LOVE IT. Seriously if I could live in Camden I would. I can imagine meandering through the narrow alleys lined with stalls every weekend sipping tea. Oh that would be living the dream.
Not such a fan of my early morning this morning though. 6:30am I got up to catch the first train from Gillingham to London..only to find that there were loads of underground closures so i had to negotiate my route to Camden round them..minor setback but I think it didnt effect my trip too much. Then got a coffee (yes coffee!!) and meandered down camden high street and watched the market come to life..the stall owners were setting up and showing their wares.. And so i stumbled into this amazing shop, probably my favourite shop of the day, which was lined outside with vintage boots and handbags..and inside was just a beautiful muddle of patterns and decades of vintage was amazing..i just wanted to buy out the whole shop..serious.

And the rest of the day was spent meandering and exploring all that camden markets had to offer. I got stopped at this one stall where I was looking at old belts and eating a samosa (£1 bargain!!) ..just browsing for nothing in particular...and the lady (who I later found out was Jamaican) started chatting to me about food..and cakes..and the white lady who taught her to cook..and how she doesnt share her cakes with Jamaican people because they didnt teach her to cook..and how she doesnt like talking to some women from her church so she gives them the 'Jamaican hate look'..which I learnt so now I know if a Jamaican person hates me..hahaha and this lasted for about 20 minutes..while I was trying to make excuses not to buy anything and just carry was hilarious..she finally stopped talking when she realised I really wasnt going to buy something..haha oh dear. It was just such an amazing day.

Tomorrow Im off to London again for 3 days for End of year bash. yes.

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