Friday, July 10, 2009

life oh life.

Weeks just fly by when you don't want them too...and by the time you realise whats happening youve only got 5 drop ins left before your year officially finishes with Youth For Christ..oh my word this is my busy that its only been today as Dave and I were walking to a lunch club that we realised that I have 5 more drop ins in England EVER...and then i will be done..I seriously could not believe it..and so many of the kids I love...Today it is officially 2 weeks until Im done with YFC.
Next week is a bit of a crazy week..The first 3 days Im away in London on what YFC like to call End of Year as aggressive as this sounds, dont worry I wont be coming back covered in bruises and bumps, but is merely a way of getting all the volunteers together and celebrating what we've done and seen God do over the year..and have a big party..LONDON BABY! One of my all time favourite english places also and with Tuesday all dedicated to exploring im well up for it. And seeing all the faces I miss will be amazing. Tuesday night we're gunna have a big party with a Westend theatre theme..but at the same time formal?! hmm yeah i didnt get that one either..and so ive been fretting really bad about what I can go as..Being foreign I have little knowledge of the westend and what it google was a huge help. Thank goodness. Sister act?! That is all im going to say. And maybe that i found out that my host mum somehow has a nuns headress thing...these two go perfectly into the westend theme. I might be having a very 'holy' tuesday evening haha I have no time to find anything else at all!! haha I hear other peoples costumes are brilliant too..
Then Wednesday evening I come home..Thursday straight back into work where that evening we're taking some of the girls to London to see a theatre production of Wicked..which will be amazing (tick two things off my 'must do before i leave' box)..and I just cannot wait.
Then Friday we have normal work..then our end of year team meal..everything is getting so scarily ending..I think i may be a mess of tears by the end of it..oh dear.
But I think maybe, as much as I love it here and as much as Ive bonded with some of the young people andd team here and will always love them and keep in touch, I think Gods totally preparing me to come slowly and surely making me look forward to seeing everyone and being back in my home country. Thankyou God but I know he's gunna have to do a whole lot of work when Im back home to stop me being a mess and missing here.

This weekend holds a bundle of excitement in store for me. Tomorrow Im going to the seaside with some lovely people from church. Then Sunday getting up so early and hitting London for Camden markets. I cannot wait. Photos will be taken.

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Emmi said...

sounds like your having an amazing time! i bet it's sad leaving tho! im heading over to NZ in september, so we'll have to catch up, and hear about all your adventures!
love you xx