Monday, July 6, 2009

oh long weekend.

This is where we ate on Sunday. Jamie Olivers restaurant. Was Amazing.

So I am now living in a house that has people in it..Finally after 10 days, my host family came home on Thursday night..oh the joy of not waking up and hearing the cat and convincing myself that there is someone trying to break into the house..I'm liking it..However the 3 year old making a lot of noise does start to wear thin..haha However we are tight at the minute after me having taken him on an adventure on Saturday so that Martha could sort things out for her party..
I took him into Chatham and after being distracted by a pet shop and a toy shop (for 40 minutes) and having him asking if I could buy numerous toys I hopped us both onto the bus to come back to Gillingham..the WRONG instead of taking us to Gillingham it took us out of Gillingham..And theres me having to sheepishly ask the driver if he could take us back..oh dear. It took a little bit longer than we first expected..but we got home in the end. And it was an exciting adventure.

Saturday night was Marthas 30th birthday party..Underground everyone had to dress up as one of the London underground stops..I was so impressed with how much effort was put into this..People came dressed up as tennis players for Wimbledon, Bakers for Baker st, Liverpool supporters as Liverpool street, Arsenal player as Arsenal, Barbie and Ken as Barbican, Festival dancers as Notting Hill, 70's style as Waterloo..and then there was me..with my whistle around my neck for Tooting..oh my was hilarious. And a good night had by all.

And Sunday was a dream. We went to Jamie Olivers restaurant in London, Fifteen. It was AMAZING. The food was perfect and the interior was so nice..It was literally so good. AMAZING. I am so lucky to live with the family I do otherwise I wouldnt be able to do half the things I am doing..
And today was another day off. I slept until lunchtime. then mooched about. watched telly. and tonight Im goign round to Daves and we're gunna watch the inbetweeners..the most hilarious british program ever..LOVE IT. I'm very excited.

And I have set this Sunday as the day I will do Camden markets and all the other markets in hopes of being immersed in the amazing culture and atmosphere..and maybe finding a few lovely cheap vintage pieces. I would love that.
And a week until End of Year Bash. Man this year has sped.

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chrissybizzle said...

yeee markets! that party sounds amazing, oh i lvoe dress up parties!