Friday, September 19, 2008

another change..

Another change is in store for me tomorrow, surprise surprise lol
I'm moving in with my new host family..a young couple with a 3 year old son called Alfie..they seem amazing and I'm so glad that I'm moving in with them..
I met Alfie on Sunday night...i like this kid already, especcially because of the sweets lol and the massive hug goodbye he gave me at the end of the bless (this is my new favourite english that i hope I will naturally pick up before i come home) lol
The past few days have been pretty relaxed..Just been helping with the drop in centres and also did night time community time which, when you're not totally comfortable in the dark and your director says 'oh yeah this is a place you definitely wouldnt go on your own,' is a very scary thing..haha me just nervously scanning every house and footpath for a sign of people with sharp objects or mean looks in their eyes..haha But night community time is cool coz the past few times we've just been walking around the streets and checking what the youth are doing..whether there are a lot out, just hanging around the streets and stuff..which is good to know whether we're gonna need to develop an activity or club or something for them to hangout in...
I LOVE THIS KIND OF WORK...coz its not forcing anything on anyone but its meeting the kids where they are at, in their community, and just showing them what its like to love them and love Jesus...amazing..!

Tonight I'm going to a tupperware party with Wendy (my temporary host mum) which is too funny!!
Ive gone through so much phone credit since I been here!


Rachael Klinkenberg said...

love reading the updates!
keep it up. xxx

chrissybizzle said...

ahahaha a tupperware party!
when you come back we should host these! heh heh heh.
sounds amazing, you are amazing.
talk to you soon, about your address, borrwing a dress and other general things, LOVE you! x