Monday, September 29, 2008

the last few days = cool

oh my word...the weather has been amazing..i just had to say that coz i never thought i would be able to write that about England..Im gunna even go as far as saying it may have been better weather in England than in New Zealand the past few days!

Highlight of my weekend has definitely been the trip to Cambridge to visit Daniel Droy..!! The only down point of Saturday was spilling coffee all down me even before I got off the train into Cambridge and had to disguise it by doing my cardigan so happened that it was a beautiful day and so hot..and i couldnt unveil my coffee and maybe the 6:29am train was also a bit of an issue..but it was so worth it!

So I started writing this blog yesterday coz there's so much to say and i never have large spaces of time when im i kind of do the news in installments lol And since yesterday morning i take all that complimenting the english weather clouded over today..and got so cold and windy..that I actually would do ANYTHING for it to be summer...and apparently this is typical autumn weather...kill me now lol But I was on community time this afternoon and we went on a bit of a prayer walk around the just not being able to concentrate coz i was shivering so But it was cool coz one of the older kids came with us!
Im going to have to wear all my clothes at one time..we'll see how that works out..ill update you as that story unfolds haha

Thursday I talked to Dan and he said he was gunna be in Cambridge for the weekend and i should come and visit..taking into account my lack of train and underground knowledge and the fact there would be various different train changes on the journey i was a little apprehensive..But I decided to go for it..The worst that could happen was I could hop on the wrong train and end up halfway across the other side of the country with no way and no money to get back..not too bad i would say lol

Friday night we had girls group..really 6 girls came and i made them dress up in bin bags..always a way to win them over lol But they're amazing girls..and we do the group every 2 thats exciting..

Saturday was the day that I ventured off at 6:29 am on the train to London Victoria station, then travlled on the tube to Kings Cross Station and then hopped on another train to Cambridge.. (somehow managing to walk on to First class) lol Me just being paranoid that i would miss my train i got up at 5am..what a i had to wait around for ages for the taxi to take me to the station lol Dan and his girlfriend Bee picked me up from the train station in Dans amazing car with 'Commander' written across the front and his less than perfect driving skills lol
Dan and some of his friends from Edinburgh uni had been in London the night before at a Brooke Fraser concert (random huh) we all went into Cambridge and had a look around the shops..Then decided on going punting..whihc was AMAZING...haha It was too funny...We got two punting boats and none of us were experienced punters at all..too funny having collisions with posh old Cambridge people who scowled as if we were larrakins of the water..pirates i would call ourselves for that
Then the train ride all the way back..on a train that sounded like it was about to fall apart..I was seriously worried i would be stranded in the middle of nowhere lol Sitting behind a group of older people saying inappropriate things obviously having come from a work But I got back to Gillingham station safe and sound..!
Sunday was Alfie (my 3 year old host brother) birthday...woke up early, went to church and then met the whole family for lunch at this amazing chinese much food..and so many people I didnt know..which was a little overwhelming but good..then to Alfie's little kid party where there was this hilarious kid who would pop all the balloons any way possible (teeth?! biting them?! standing on them?! jumping on them?! body slamming them?!) then go into he was also the child who ran around in circles and such lol too funny.
Had to leave the party early to go to this thing called 'Angel Space' at Rochester Cathedral (this amazing old cathedral with stained glass and old architecture) where Gillingham YFC helped out at the cafe..It was so amazing though coz it was a youth event in this old cathedral that usually is filled with old people..But this was amazing..Its happening again in November too so im so excited for that..

But in all seriousness I've been really challenged the past few days with the passage in Matthew of 'feeding the hungry,helping the poor, giving water to the thirsty' (chapter 25?)..coz thats totally what Jesus did and if we are all his people why not help those out how he did and how we should treat those around us who arent so well off...Totally tested me today..There was this lady selling 'big issue' (which is a magazine the government gives to people who are struggling to sell so they can make some money) as I was in town..I thought id help her out and buy one..feeling pretty chuffed with myself for being a good person I went into the bakery to buy a sandwich..It was so weird coz i felt this gripping of my heart and Im sure it was God was like 'why not buy her lunch' as if he was totally testing me on what Ive been challenged with lately..I was trying to excuse it coz i didnt want to look weird..But I went out and offered her some lunch...and she gave me the biggest hug and said thankyou...My word it was one of those moments where you store away in your mind and just totally praise God for what he does..Im hoping my eyes are opened to more little things I can do for people..It wasnt a lot but I just totally want to humble myself and serve people...

And next Friday I'm going to London for the day (yaya day off) and Im gunna meet Rachel Klinkenberg and hangout with her for the day..see some some shopping..probably for coats and warm things or i will so excited..! another early morning train gunna go plan my tickets now lol

My birthdays in 8 days! (8th of October) so excited..



Anonymous said...

Heya wow sounds like you're having a great time, go sandwhich lady! You're amazing :) love u lots

Anonymous said...

oops that was me esther ya sister

Mum said...

Hi darling Jessa. I love these blogs.You're doing an amazing job over there. Well done you!! We miss you back here but well done for going for this. Yes.. your birthday... will be thinking of you all day and that cute little face that we love. Hugs and kisses love. Esther is going to help me leave this comment then there'll be no stopping me!!!!!! love Mum

chrissybizzle said...

i loved this blog! you are amazing jess, amazing!
im now a follower of yr blog so il actually know when you post one! yeee! now all you needa do is figure out how to put photos in blogs!
love you millions.
p.s- oscars on the waipa delta
= not that wicked. $40 and gotta pay for our own food and drinks, and it finishes at 9:15pm! also i had to give back my oscar, so bitter hahaha.
love you x