Saturday, October 4, 2008

Let me just start on the weather once more...

So now its not only cold..but its rainy, and not that normal rain but the miserbale drizzly rain, AND its so windy that i would actually not be able to go outside without being blown halfway up the street (and this is not an easy feat..especcially not after the copious amounts of chocolate i have been consuming..)..and i just walked home in that weather..its enough to put a downer on anyones mood..HOWEVER i now have an mp3 player (thanks dad) to listen to with loads of summer music on seeds, jack johnson, paulo nutini..which makes me a lot happier..pleases my ears a lot..
The mp3 player may have been a birthday present sent over from nz that i may have opened before my birthday (last night) hoping that the excitement would counteract the fact that i was home alone on a friday night with my biggest excitement being facebook and hoping people would come online to talk...this in itself was a sad which i took it upon myself to bond with the mother country by looking up pictures of new zealand on the web and picturing myself in these me at a waterfall, me on a get the picture lol
Today it was so cool though..a girl i met at ST.MARKS church a few weekends ago arranged for us to go to canterbury (yeah new zealand stole all the english place names..i have yet to find a taupo or a te awamutu in england though) for the we took a train (im getting so pro at the train rides..) and took off for the day...the most amazing i think its the biggest in England and i payed 7 pounds to get in..(thats like 21 nz dollars..) but it was so worth it..inside it was so beautiful with all the stained glass and the detailing and the figurines..and outside (if the weather wasnt dampening my mood) it was amazing too..
Too funny though coz the streets are all cobbled and really narrow and lined with really cute sweet shops and card shops..and there's this one shop thats lasted from the tudor times but as the time has passed the building has moved and slanted the door is like on a total angle..i actually laughed out loud..and was such a tourist taking heaps of my photos (see facebook) cool..anyway was so nice to get out of Gillingham and look around..!

OH YEAH ONE OTHER BIG THING..I started using my free gym membership on Friday..a gym that is filled with people who just are immaculate even when they work no sweat or red face or just puffing and panting and getting red and sweaty lol...Me thinking that its not that bad..until i woke up the next morning and was aching all couldnt even walk up the work stairs without dying a little inside lol But its my mission to go to the gym at least every second wont even recognise me when i get

Honestly though something ive really been struggling with is the lives that the kids we work with have..and they just dont see any way out or that theres anything wrong with them..dont see the point in trying to have a good future..there's tis one boy thats totally been on my heart in the last few days..
Hes only 13
has been in juveile detention centres at least twice
continuously smokes weed
has been kicked out of every school hes been at for fighting
his brothers are all in jail
steals stuff all the time..
and has no want to change
and he brags about all this..when you say what about the future he just doesnt care..

Honestly it really gets me coz i know that the only way that this kid will turn around is with a total new look from a total miracle and for God to come in and completely change him..which i know is possible..and the only way that I can possibly help this is juts by meeting kids like him where they are, hanging out with them, loving on them and just seek God for them and with them..Its so hard coz I'm like why doesnt God just come in and sort it out for them before their lives spiral out of control? and to be honest with you i just dont know and its something that im gunna have to seek God about..or maybe his plan is to put people like me and the other GYFC people in his life to slowly show him how he can turn his life around..hmmm I'm just going to have to trust that God has it all under control..

But I love the drop ins..and the kids that come to the drop ins..
and i totally know that this will only grow over the year im here..



joshuaduckett said...

wow its sounds like your having heaps of fun and growing alot jess!

stolked as for ya!
hope ya have an amazing birthday if i forget to contact you haha
i will try my best to remember

Bob said...

HAPPY BDAY JESS! Proud of you for going to the gym! Keep it up! I am aiming to lose a bit extra for a wedding i am going to at the start of November - boom, so lots of gym for me right now. Heck Jess, I went the other day and did upper body weights for the first time in ages and I hurt more and more each day for the next three days. It was ridiculous, so I feel your pain. It makes me scared to think of having to do more weights, but no pain, no gain! We can do it sista! We will be fit as (in any way you wanna take it!)