Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Home sweet home

So as I am finding it difficult to google crime statistics in England (for youth alpha im running tonight not just out of interest sake lol) and am wondering where everyone in the office has disappeared to I decided I am going to update my blog...because i feel i have a lot to say about anything and everything..and for once during my England trip I have a small social life to share...

First of all I am truly missing New Zealand..I dont know if I'm thinking about it way too much so the thought of the country is a little more extravagant than it really is but all i can think about is beautiful beaches, waterfalls, trees, snowy mountains and forests and cursing England for its lack of countryside other than a few paddocks and trees...when really when i think about it Hamilton had not a pretty place in sight really...and maybe seeing the extreme 'pure new zealand' adverts over here have made things worse..showing the best parts of New Zealand..and drawing me back to my home country lol But I really do miss home and people..BUT im waiting for the day when i decide that i might stay longer, which everyone is telling me will happen soon...waiting..waiting...still waiting lol

Last Wednesday was my birthday..and i could finally rip into the pile of pressies that were on my dressing table..which alfie happily helped with..so cute he just ripped into them..Martha, my host mum, made me a cake in the shape of a kiwi bird...it was amazing and tasted brilliant (the gym calls?!)..Alfie made us stick a candle in it at the breakfast table and blow it out before i went to work..lol yes work on my birthday..no rest for the wicked i say..But really by work i mean a little but of photocopying (at which the lady in the church office said 'oh its your birthday isnt it? must be SO sad to be away from your loved ones!' thanks lady for making me feel just great. This was followed by a phonecall to my mum and maybe a little moisture of the eyes...lol) But Dave, Ben, Malcolm, Abby, Kirstie and Phil (the Gillingham Youth For Christ Team) had made me a cake and gave me the Vera Wang perfume which was so lovely and cheered me right up..nothing like a good present to do that..couldnt figure out whether they were trying to hint whether i smelt or not lol So basically all we did was sit in the office and eat cake..and laugh at the english culture and slang book that esther and bridgie gave me for my birthday (thanks guys i can now speak the language and they understand me lol)...

Things they dont have in England that Im seriously thinking about importing

- Black Forest Chocolate..Are they nuts?! this is like the best chocolate in the world..My mum sent over blocks of it coz ive been raving to people about how good it is..and everyone loves it..there is definitely a hole in the English market for it..lol I could make myself a fortune..volunteer work?! with a job on the side lol

- Summer music - no black seeds, tiki taane, Fat Freddys drop..summer where have you gone?!

But then they do have cherry coke, jaffa cakes (the most amazing things ever), London and amazing shopping..so i might let them off lol

Ive been to london too..But so much happened that ill write a whole blog devoted to it...it really deserves it..

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chrissybizzle said...

oh how i miss you.
everytime i get a txt from you i basically do a dance heh heh, true story.
i cant wait for london blog.
love you! xoxox

p.s- do you know how to put pics in your blog? xx