Sunday, October 19, 2008

the city called me back..

I might have taken another trip to London on Saturday...If there is a possibility you could be addicted to a city, London would be it for me..I LOVE IT...It's like hustle and bustle and everything you could ever can spend up large or you can just look and picnic in the park and its still just as cool..In the daytime or the night time..its amazing...! They should pay me for doing some sort of tourist pitch

It was my friend Simons (who volunteers at yfc in Swindon) birthday last week so we all decided it would be a good idea for a group of us to meet in London and just hangout coz its like halfway in between Swindon and Gillingham..and plus its the best city So I organised the perfect time for me and phil to take the train to get to London..slight problem though...As we were waiting on the platform to get on the train...Phil remembered that he had forgotten his ticket to the delerious gig he was going to in London that night (organisation is not one of Phils strong points lol) as he ran home to get it (and our train came and went without us on it) I waited outside the train station..where possibly the weirdest 20 minutes of my life began to take shape..

As I was minding my own business waiting...A man came up to me (there were a whole heap of other people wandering around so i dont know why specifically me) and started explaining that he hadbeen sleeping on the streets and hasnt eaten and its been really cold at night (which it has!!) and asked me for 30p to buy some food with...Knowing never to give homeless people money if they want food (as everyone says they mite just want drugs lol) I took him over to the shop and bought him some lunch...As we stood there i asked him a bit about himself and found out that he was visiting his mother in a mental institute that he hasnt seen for over 20 years...oh my was just so odd..just to meet this person that i would never have even known existed and whose story i would never have heard if i had hopped on the train we had planned on catching..or if he hadnt come up to me and random..and then Phil called saying he was at the station and where was i?! lol so i ran off to catch the train..pondering whether there was something in the way i look or act that attracts people who need help..who knows?!

We met Simon birthday boy, Kirsty (both based in swindon), Bex, Beckie and Josh (who has an identical twin brother that confuses me and also reminds me so much of Danid Molloy) at Victoria Station...where we then wandered the streets of London...walked around in a few circles..NOTE: Beckie and Kirsty really dont know where they're going..especcially when trying to find a park to have a picnic in..

ME: 'Hey im sure we've just been around in a circle...?'
KIRSTY: 'ssshh we dont want anyone to notice!'
BECKIE: 'I think it might be this way.......?'
and supposedly beckie has been to London many a time lol

We had lunch in some park...after walking for ages and finding HAMLEYS...This is honestly the worlds best and biggest toy store...5 floors of commotion...clowns, people dressed in costumes, all the toys you can play with...Im gunna make a day trip to London just to go there and play all day...its amazing...truly brilliant..

The rest of the afternoon consisted of more walking...starbucks, random photoshoots on monuments and just general fun...Josh, me and Kirsty who were supposed to be going to get money out got totally distracted by St. Pauls Cathedral..and ended up sitting in on a service..oh my word its the most beautiful cathedral ever...The walls and domes are painted with detailed artwork like the ones you see in the art history books..There's gold leaf and detailing everywhere..and the choir is singing beautiful was so eery as we sat we just didnt talk coz it was so amazing...One of the nicest placest ive been so far..
We went for dinner at this place called 'tinseltown' which is like an american burger and milkshake bar..where they make milkshakes out of anything you want..truly going to be like 50 kgs heavier by the time i get home...size42 pants anyone?! lol

And then i experienced Camdem..This place is so cool...Martha and Luke (the couple that im staying with) were at a doo in a bar in Camdem so they said that i could meet them there so i didnt have to use the dodge trains all the way back to Gillingham by myself..
I got kind of worried when as I left to tube to Camdem everyone was like 'Now people will offer you all sorts of things when you hop out of the tube station..JUST SAY NO and keep walking..there'll be lots of people but just say no..' lol which got me a little bit freaked out but apparently its known for its night life and drug habits...which is why its where Amy Winehouse is usually seen lol
But I met Martha and Luke..and they were at a doo of one of Marthas friends (who goes out with a guy called Chris Moyles brother)..Now for all reading this from New Zealand I will explain who Chris Moyles is coz i had no idea until someone told me about a week ago..Chris Moyles is the breakfast host of like the most popular radio show in England..and he was at this party...and I watched him play guitar The whole event was completely wasted on me though coz everyone kept saying how many celebrities were there..and I looked around the room and saw none..coz none of them are famous in New Zealand..I was so annoyed coz i at least wanted to know them so i could say i had met them lol Maybe drop a few names to get a few friends lol

But the night ended in the early hours of the morning running through victoria station, up escalators and to the train platform so we wouldnt miss and just a word of wanring..never take the last train back to Gillingham on a Saturday night..its when all the drunks and weird people take it (and we didnt fit into either one of those categories) lol too funny
Such a good day all round..


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joshuaduckett said...

sounds like your having heaps of fun!
i got you postcard today!
its amazing!

miss you big time man!!!!
we keep seeing your mum and sister in the car haha its crack up as!