Thursday, October 16, 2008

Coventry and the week that has been

So after getting like 6 hours sleep on the night I return from London I am then woken on Saturday morning to go to Coventry and partake in commissioning..This is when all of us volunteers get welcomed into YFC (like 4 weeks after we've actually been in our placements..go figure) lol
I just slept in the car on the way there (in my true style of elegance when id just met the guy who was driving us that day) and my host mum Martha came with us to support me coz everyone else's families were going to be there..and i would just be the foreigner who has no family lol But I had a plan to test out each family there and adopt one that i thought would be suitable to claim for the year lol
It was so good though coz I got to see all the other volunteers that I hadnt seen for weird coz they feel like my family coz we all went through so much at training and have been kinda doing the same thing so it was kinda like a family reunion lol So good especcially to see my girls..
(yes ive made friends that i can call my girls lol yay)
Too funny though making small talk with other peoples families there..i am now an expert lol

Sunday we went to church and then went for a curry afterwards (the English love their curry) which i am ashamed to say was the first of 2 currys i had in 2 days lol Monday we had plnned that after team bible study we were going out for another curry to celebrate my Oh how in that moment of Indian meals I missed my dad who always manages to order the hottest dish on the menu because he's been to India and 'can handle it' then sits and sweats and goes red the whole way through trying to eat it but trying not to show the strain lol EVERY

But weve had a bit of a touch week in drop-ins..just stuff has been getting nicked..and kids have been getting into fights and swearing matches on the streets with other kids parents..its all a bit crazy really..something out of Jeremy

But you know what Ive been struggling with loving these kids and having a want to hang out with them but now these things have happened i see a total need..Like getting to know the kids is like sharing their lives with them and caring for them and helping them through things..and that is such a priviledge that our massive God and the kids themselves are letting us do life with them..even if they're playing up or nicking phones..weve still gotta love them, not judge them and understand them..Its not easy but there's some kids you just feel for and your heart goes out to them..and you catch a glimpse into the awful-ness of their home lives and you know that what you're doing is so worth it and so necessary..coz more than anything these kids just need love and the love of Jesus who unjudgingly will walk through everything with them and just be there and believe in them when no one else seems to...
It's weird because this is just so different to Hamilton..and I think its totally changing my views and my outlook on life..and its totally opening my eyes and giving me a bigger world view of what goes on and what some people live with..

And a note for anyone who ever steals a phone:
DONT ANSWER THE PHONE AND SPEAK -its a dead giveaway that youve taken it
and when asked to bring the phone back after just having answered the phone dont ever say 'BUT I AINT GOT IT'..its just silly..some thiefs arent that bright lol
love these kids though


chrissybizzle said...

bits that made me lol:
about your dad and the curry coz i can imagine haha.
the 'aint' got it part.. haha classic.
love you, your amazing. xx

Mum said...

Hi Poppy . Oh yes... Dad and the curry!!! Loving these blogs. You're doing a wonderful job over there and yes.... I'm envious about London but so pleased you can see all these things. Love you.xxxx And Rach if you read this : A HUGE THANK YOU for showing my girl around