Sunday, September 21, 2008

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So ive decided that the reason why i dont update this blog as much as some people would like is because I dont feel like I'm doing anything exciting enough to blog about...but then after much thought I realised that I'm in another country so that in itself is pretty exciting...although it kinda just feels like im doing everything i normally do at home but in another country..and without my mum (a bit of an issue today, may be a bit homesick, but im still tough) lol

As I update this blog I'm watching an English kids program (not just for English kids but a program made in England for kids lol)..I'm actually enjoying having a 2 year old host brother around coz i get to play with toys and make puzzles and watch little kids programs and no one questions it...although it does get alittle tiresome when he takes large toys like scooters and baby buggies into town then doesnt want to carry them so i end up carrying them through malls and all the way home lol We have just finished having a massive tickle fight which mainly consisted of him scratching rather than tickling lol hes a little master fighter..I'm gunna have to wise up to this technique..But alfie is really truly cute..

The tupperware party was actually pretty good...hosted in a massive scary moment of the nite was when i thought i locked myself in the bathroom and i couldnt get just trying to figure out how to get attention to open the door without looking like a fool..But after like 5 minutes of jiggling the lock it just coming out to find everyone But i met heaps of people that go to the church im going to in Gillingham which was nice coz when i went there this morning i recognised people..!

Yesterday I moved in with Martha, Luke and Alfie..and could actually unpack my suitcase properly for the first time since I been here...I have been a suitcase kid and there have been clothes i just havent been able to wear coz theyve been scrunched up in my bag for way too long and were basically the most creased you would ever see..But that is no more! I've got a wardrobe and drawers and everything! They did the room up for me and suggested i put things on the can imagine I was in there and put up all my my friends from home are all on my wall...kinda freaky watching me while i sleep lol But it feels a bit more like thats nice..We also had a visit to chatham (a close by town) yesterday to look around..and stopped in a park on the way there so alfie could play on the playground..and I got little too excited about seeing squirrels..the first time I'd ever seen one close up..haha
Then last night we went to a Executive Youth for Christ social..which was basically just food and hanging out with everyone who supports youth for Christ in Gillingham..Except one of the main sponsors was there who owns a gym and I could just imagine him working out how much time at the gym i would need to put in to counteract everything i But hes given us a free gym membership for the whole year..access to saunas, the gym,jacuzzis, Im hoping to start this week...We'll see what happens lol

This morning I woke up feeling pretty rubbish (another English word that seems to have caught on)..missing home and such..But Martha and I went to St. Marks church..very traditional..hymns and a lot of older people..very unlike church back home but it was still good and I'm going to a youth service tonite so we'll see what thats like..also met a few girls who decided that sometime in the next few weekends theyre gunna take me to London to shop and see the sights! they seem lovely!
I been sampling fine english traditional scones, trifle, chicken roasts, fish and chips...all not very healthy but oh so amazing...and also another reason for the starting of the gym! lol
We went to Rochester this afternoon which is such a cute little village with little streets and tudor style houses..with a castle and a city wall thrown in there they're everywhere! It was so cute..!

I miss everyone...
love x

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craigbronwyn said...

Hey Jess read your Blog. We are all well. Hayley off to Nepal on Mission trip 13th Dec -25th jan. Love Craig,Bronwyn, Scott. Hayley and Cameron