Monday, September 22, 2008

come to me in a dream summer

so im looking outside and its dark and rainy and cold..i think i might have to get used to people keep telling me..after asking a gazillion questions about the weather situation in New Zealand and whether its hotter or which i mention with a sad tone that its coming into summer back home and when I get back i will proceed to continue with 3 winters in a row..oh what fun...i'll be the palest kid around
But I am definitel thankful I bought an umbrella in will probably the most used item this year..
However a couple of days ago i did manage to wear shorts and a singlet..this is considered an epic day in England..I think i may have climatised coz i managed to go without a cardigan for most of the day...which scares me a little bit coz when i come back home I will probably have heatstroke continuously even though it'll be coming into winter lol I may just have to wear like bright as clothes all winter to shake away the blues (oh my word what was that sentence about?!) lol But all in all England is pretty good and im considering travelling to every European country that has hot weather before I come home...!
Today has also been a bad day for home sickness...But it all ended when I played football with some of the kids and one of the kids said 'wow you're getting pretty good at this' lol made my day! When I get home I'll pretty much go pro
Tonight I'm going to a bible study at Gillingham Youth for should be good..Phillipians which is what ive been trying to read lately so thatll be cool!

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chrissybizzle said...

what the heck? you've writen 3 blogs that i didnt know aout, how did this happen!?
il send you some fake tan :p
i love you, and summer wont be the same without you but you are gunna go on so many adventures and do so many exciting things, even when you go through hard times, your where your meant to be, it'll all be worth it in the end jessie mee.
im gunna go see your mama today. and now im gunna get ready for work (in 6 minutes and i just got outta the shower) then txt you.
love love love you!