Friday, September 5, 2008


oh my much has happened...and my memory is failing me so forgive me if i forget to add things in and if i dont give you a total blow by blow account of my last week here...

I'm in Nottingham at the moment staying with the other 40 volunteers in the Univeristy Halls...its so good coz we eachhave our own rooms and we can kick each other out of our rooms at any time..However I have learnt that when you're getting ready in the morning and someone knocks on the door you do not assume it is one of the other girls on your floor and you definitely dont shout out 'IM NOT READY YET!!!' because it most likely is the little old lady who changes the sheets on the awkward.. me just standing in my towel while I throw my sheets out the door and try and apologise for my rudeness..haha
Also NEVER turn your alarm clock off and think you're going to doze until you really need to get up..Because you will sleep in and get woken up to all the girls, already dressed, waiting for you to come down to just rushing around my room getting ready.. normal lifein England

But Nottingham..! my my my! robin hood?! and that is their claim to fame!! everything is named after or has a picture of robin hood or something to do with the story...The souvenir shop is packed with mini merry men figurines, robin hood outfits and hats (which i have to admit that we all bought and took great joy in wearing them round..)...But im such a tourist, taking photos and going nuts in the souvenir shop..haha

Longer blog later

Oh yeah and just for the record .. they dont use the word FAR OUT here as an exclamation..and they take great joy in mocking me for a slight australian crass...haha

and how many times can i ask if im australian? haha

But everyones lovely and im settling in really well!!!


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atmospherics said...

far out!
(my accent is awesome)
what's crass?